MakeMyDabba | Delivery Policy
The Site is only a platform for interaction whereby users may meet and interact with one another for the purpose of the sale and purchase of items. does not buy or sell items. is not and cannot be a party to or control in any manner any transaction between two users of the Site and cannot guarantee that a restaurant will complete a transaction or accept the return of an item or provide any refund for the same. You will not hold responsible for other restaurants’ content, actions, or inactions, or items or Information they list or post. In particular: is not responsible for any non-performance or breach of any contract entered into between users and does not transfer legal ownership of items from the restaurants to the customers. The contract for sale of any item shall be a strictly bipartite contract between the restaurants and the customers. At no time shall any right, title or interest over any item vest with nor shall have any obligations or liabilities in respect of such item or the contract between the customers and restaurants. is not responsible for unsatisfactory or delayed performance, losses, damages or delays as a result of items which are unavailable. is not required to mediate or resolve any dispute or disagreement between users. has no control over and does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of items listed on restaurants, the truth or accuracy of restaurants’ content or listings, the ability of restaurants to sell items, or the ability of customers to pay for items. does not make any representation or warranty as to the attributes (including but not limited to quality, worth or marketability) of the items proposed to be sold or purchased on the Site. In particular, does not implicitly or explicitly support or endorse the sale or purchase of any items on the Site, nor is a supplier or manufacturer of any items sold by users or purchased by users. does not make any representation or warranty as to the attributes (including but not limited to legal title, creditworthiness, or identity) of any of its users. The Site may include links to third party websites that are controlled by and maintained by others. cannot accept any responsibility for the materials or offers for goods or services featured on such websites and any link to such websites is not an endorsement of such websites or a warranty that such websites will be free of viruses or other such items of a destructive nature and you acknowledge and agree that is not responsible for the content or availability of any such sites. However you acknowledge and agree that you may not include links in any user-posted content on the Site. Users shall independently agree upon the manner and terms and conditions of delivery, payment, and insurance as between each other and holds no responsibility in respect of such arrangements. accepts no liability for any errors or omissions, whether on behalf of itself or third parties. excludes all implied warranties, terms and conditions and is not liable for any loss of money, goodwill or reputation, or any special, indirect or consequential damages arising directly or indirectly, out of your use of or your inability to use the Site. You release and indemnify and/or any of its officers and representatives in respect of any claim, demand, dispute, cost, damage, liability or other consequence (direct or indirect) of any of the actions of the users of the Site. Refunds for any items/orders that are cancelled are done by sending an email request to support team at Any cancelled orders that are paid by credit and/or debit card results in Loyalty Points of the equal amount being credited to the customer account. If the customer wants the funds to be credited to the credit and/or debit card, a request has to be sent to the support team at and the finance department will credit the total amount to the customer’s credit and/or debit card account. Else, customer can use the Loyalty Points for future orders on the Site.